At Freedom Fence, Inc., we can add a beautiful wood arbor to your fencing. This is a great way to enhance the gate areas, giving your fence a very unique touch. To have the perfect arbor, all you have to do is tell us what you want and we will make it happen for you. We listen closely to your specifications so that you can have an arbor that will last as long as your fencing does.

If you haven’t considered a wood arbor up to this point or you are torn as to whether or not you should opt for one, let our Minneapolis & St. Paul fence installation experts show you what your options are. You can integrate an arbor whether or not you have decorative fence types and regardless of the type of hardware or gate style that is used. If you want an arbor, we can make it happen.

Many Wood Arbor Options

There are many styles of wood arbors that you can choose from. One way to choose the right one is to go with one that goes with the style of fence that you have opted for. While this narrows down the choices, there may be many that go with your fencing. This is the point where you can inject your personal style by finding something that works for you. For instance, wood arbors don’t necessarily have to be arced. You can opt for one that is completely flat on top.

What can you do with a wood arbor once it is built? There are many things. Many individuals prefer to integrate greenery in the way of vines. This greenery can be natural or artificial, depending on how much work you want to put into the project. Others leave the arbor just as it is since the arbor itself is a very strong decorative element integrated into the fencing.

Making Your Fencing Work For You

One of our primary goals of offering wood arbors is so you can make your fencing work in any way you want it to. Your fencing can be as traditional or as sophisticated as you like with all of the different material types and styles that are available. Wood arbors are certainly no exception when it comes to ways to make your fencing unique and to give it a personality of its own.

Contact A Minneapolis & St. Paul Fence Installer

Wood arbors can be a great addition to your fencing, as they enhance the entrance points, particularly the main gate. If you would like to have a wood arbor added to your fence, just let us know and we can review the different styles with you. To learn more about the options we have available, call us at 763-286-1213 to receive your free quote.