When you want to enhance your property with the natural beauty of a wood fence, you have many options to choose from. There are many styles, heights, and different degrees of privacy. What’s more is the amount of security that a sturdy, beautiful wood fence provides. The security alone gives you a return in the form of peace of mind and even in your wallet because of how you are able to protect your outdoor possessions and even your home. Fencing is one way to deter thieves that may not be able to discretely enter your home from any other point without being easily seen.

The advantages are numerous and that’s why our Twin Cities fence installers want to outfit you with the wood fence that highlights your property, coincides well with your

neighborhood, and gives you the security that you are looking for.

High Quality Wood Fencing Materials

At Freedom Fence, Inc., we only work with the highest quality wood fencing materials. Western Red Cedar is very popular and it is perfect for residential and commercial applications all around Minneapolis, St. Paul, and the suburbs. This very strong wood has proven its performance for centuries. Factor in its ability to compliment any architectural design and you have very versatile fencing.

Merchant’s Metals, a manufacturer whose Western Red Cedar fencing products we carry and install, ensures wood fencing that is environmentally friendly, maintenance-free, and economical. The different styles include:

  • Split rail that is available in 2 or 3 rail.
  • Spaced picket fences, such as open picket and Milled Stockade. You can even opt for a rustic look.
  • Capped or rustic gothic fence posts that add more personality to your fencing.
  • Open and private designs.

There are different types of quality wood gate hardware that you can opt for to complete the look of your fence. The list goes on and on.

A Distinctive Look And Feel

What’s more is that you receive a very distinctive look and feel. Western Wood Cedar can be custom-styled to satisfy your preference. You can opt for convex or concave styles in different sizes or choose something else that suits you most. All you need to do is talk to us and we will ensure our Minneapolis & St. Paul fence installation company installs the fence that you want for your property so you can enjoy what you have even more.

Contact A Minneapolis & St. Paul  Fence Install Company

The wood fence is the oldest type of fence and is still very popular because of aesthetic appeal, variety of designs, and the amount of time that they last. If you are looking for fencing that comes with options, wood fencing will get the job done for you. To learn more about how Freedom Fence can match you with and install the fencing that you need, call today at 763-286-1213 for a free estimate.