Any time we think of steel, we think of strength. That is because steel is a very strong material and that is why it is used in fencing. Steel fencing is also considered ornamental fencing in that it looks fantastic as it highlights a landscape, but it is also functional in that it adds security.

It is the security/decorative quality that prompts some property owners to choose steel fencing over other types. Our Minneapolis & St. Paul fence installation company’s staff will review the options with you so you can choose the steel fencing that will work for your home or business.

Specializing In Different Types Of Steel Fencing

There are different types of steel fencing that you can choose from. The exact type and design you choose may depend on the function. Common types include:

  • Ornamental picket steel fences – Picket fences don’t have to be just wood. What’s more is that these fences work well with old and new properties of different architectural styles.
  • Steel security fencing – This types of fencing works for residential, medical, and commercial purposes. A secure boundary is established, while also looking visually appealing. Automatic opening equipment can be installed on these gates if desired.
  • Perimeter steel fences – When you need to mark off a perimeter in a secure and clear way, these types of fences will do the job. It’s an attractive way to establish a perimeter around property.
  • Commercial Steel fences – Commercial steel fences work for schools, hospitals, outdoor break areas, and anywhere around a business that needs to be enclosed. You get the security without sacrificing appearance.
  • Custom steel fencing – If you have a specific purpose in mind, you can specify and a fence be customized to satisfy that purpose.

Steel fencing can be a great choice because the material is of a high quality that will last for many years. The manufacturers that we work with carry warranties that guarantee their products so that you know you are getting the best.

Quality Long-Term Fencing

Steel fencing can be the ideal choice when you don’t plan on replacing your fencing any time in the near future. Our Twin Cities fence installation company will listen to your specifications and then show you the different fencing types that match your needs. This will help you make an informed decision so that you are 100% satisfied with the end result for many years to come.

Contact A Minneapolis & St. Paul Fence Installer

When looking for strength in beauty, steel fences are the perfect combination needed to achieve what you want your fencing to achieve. There are different heights, long-term manufacturer’s warranties, different designs, and so much more that make up the quality steel fences that we install. To learn more about how Freedom Fence, Inc. can help you, call us today at 763-286-1213 for a free estimate.