Chain link fences have been popular enclosures for many years. They are used in residential, industrial, and commercial environments. They are economical and the instal

lation process is fast. You also get a degree of security for your property and you can keep children and pets safe by ensuring they do not leave the yard.

At Freedom Fence, Inc., we carry a number of chain link fence products. Each has its own set of advantages that you can review so you can determine which is best for your property. Our Minneapolis & St. Paul fence company will review your options with you and tell you the advantages of each so you can make an informed purchasing decision.

Quality Chain Link Fencing Options

There are two main types of chain link fencing: Galvanized and vinyl.

Merchant Metals’ NatureLink is one of the manufacturers’ and brands that we feature in our product line. With a variety of wire and mesh sizes available for both residential and non-residential sites, you can have the size and level of security that you need.

Galvanized chain link fencing that has a superior coating protects the steel so it doesn’t rust. To guarantee this, the manufacturer’s warranty covers premature rusting or overall failure of the product so that you know you are getting a great product.

Vinyl chain link fencing is available in a number of colors and it is vinyl coated, which protects galvanized steel from the weather and also makes the fence blend in more with the property.

Durable And Affordable Fencing

Chain link fencing more or less gives you the durability and property protection you are looking for without the high cost. With the chain link fence products carried by Freedom Fence, Inc., we ensure you receive quality for your money. This means that you don’t have to settle with something less than you deserve. Settling for less can mean having to replace your fence prematurely. In the long-term, that costs you more money. We pay attention to your budget and help you choose a chain link fence that works for you. Once it is chosen, we can instruct you on the steps that need to be taken to move forward toward the installation process and then completion.

Contact A Minneapolis & St. Paul Fence Installer

Chain link fences are very popular throughout the Twin Cities because they are highly functional and serve a high number of purposes. If you need a chain link fence to surround your property, Freedom Fence, Inc. can install high quality chain link that will do what you need it to do. To learn more about our fencing products and services or receive a free estimate, call us at 763-286-1213 for a free consultation.