When you take a drive throughout the Twin Cities, you will find many types of fencing. Among those types is aluminum. You may not be able to tell that that the metal fence you are looking at is aluminum, but what you may notice is that these metal fences come in different styles and they look quite strong.

For both residential and commercial properties, aluminum fencing adds security through the fencing’s endurance and elegance. Of the fencing that we install, the Vintage Square®

Premium by Merchant Metals is one brand that has no visible fasteners and the fencing is sun-resistant. We will review with you the different types of aluminum fences that our Minneapolis & St. Paul fence installers can install and let you choose what is best for you and your budget.

Close Attention To Detail

When you have Freedom Fence install your fencing for you, you will notice a common theme among us and the quality manufacturers that we work with: they pay close attention to detail and so do we. Seamless fences are important for such things as appearance and security. Being that aluminum fencing is used to complement landscapes and even serve as a playground enclosure, it is important that the fasteners are not visible. This is possible through the use of an internal fastener system that adds to the durability of the fencing. This means that there is no chance of damaging the finish through the tightening of screws.

Lifetime Performance

Aluminum fencing is so durable that it can last a lifetime. For many, the goal of buying premium fencing is to ensure that it lasts as long as possible without having to worry about the performance. Because residential and commercial property already needs a certain degree of maintenance, the last thing many property owners want to do is add something else that they are going to have to spend a considerable amount of time taking care of. Aluminum fencing is one way to achieve this.

As for the environments where aluminum fencing is best, it is ideal for areas where there is a lot of moisture, salts, and chemicals. A pool area is the perfect example, as the chemicals in the air and the higher amount of moisture could quickly destroy steel. Aluminum can stand up to this environment. For swimming pool areas, there is also the fact that there are certain building code requirements that have to be met to ensure no one can climb over the fence. Your local building codes will specify what is required of fences used in specific environments and situations.

So whether you want aluminum fencing for aesthetic reasons or functional ones, there is a style that is perfect for you.

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Aluminum fences are popular, strong, and they add a unique look to your property and your neighborhood. With so many options available to enhance appearance and security, you are bound to find a style that works for you. To learn more about how Freedom Fence, Inc. can help you or to receive a free estimate, call today at 763-286-1213.