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Knowing your property boundaries is very important when having a fence installed.

A property marker is a metal pin that is placed at every corner of a property in order to mark the property’s boundaries. This includes marking any angles or change of direction at the property line. When the property is surveyed, each pin is shown within the survey report. Any time you need to obtain a permit for fencing, identifying property lines must be done. Making sure the property is marked accordingly ensures that there are no legal disputes between neighbors about property lines.

Here are the steps to follow:

  1. You can call Gopher State One for the location of utility lines. They need a 48 hour notice in order to provide you with the information accordingly. You can reach them at 651-454-0002.
  2. Obtain a survey of your property online so you can identify the property boundaries. You can acquire this information from the zoning department or they will be able to send you in the right direction. How you obtain your survey can vary from city-to-city.
  3. To mark your property lines, you will need your survey, a metal detector so you can find the stakes, a shovel, and a tape measure.
  4. Measure 14.5 feet from the curb because this is usually where property markers are located. You can use the metal detector to find the stakes in this area because you are not going to be able to see it. The stakes are usually up to 10 inches under the surface of the ground. When you find it, you may notice a colored cap with a number on top.
  5. Use your survey to know how far away the back stake is from the front stake. This is where the tape measure comes in. When you locate a stake, you can use your shovel to dig. Repeat this until you find all of the stakes.
  6. Once the stake is uncovered, you will need to mark it with colored tape or another marker so they can be seen. You don’t have to pull up the stakes.
  7. If you can’t find your stakes, you may need to have new property markers installed. When that’s the case, you will need to contact a licensed Land Surveyor to complete that task.

If you are replacing an old fence, it cannot be used to verify your property line. Only the stakes can be used to verify where your property ends and where the neighbor’s begins.

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