Fences are installed in warehouse for many reasons: Security, safety, and organization. At Freedom Fence, Inc., we install the warehouse fence that you need to efficiently run your facility in a safe and organized manner.

The most common type of fence used in warehouses is chain link, as it can be installed from floor to ceiling if need be and it provides adequate protection for areas within the warehouse. To make sure you have the fencing that you need, our Minneapolis & St. Paul commercial fence installers listen to your needs and requirements so that you receive the fencing that you need.

Fencing For Many Warehouse Applications

There are many functions for warehouse fencing. Some of them include:

  • Workshop fencing – If your warehouse has a workshop area, it can pay to partition off this area to avoid unauthorized individuals from accessing it. Fencing in the workshop area can also keep that section separate from other areas of the warehouse.
  • Outdoor perimeter fence – When not at work, one of the things you don’t want is for someone to try and trespass. A perimeter fence can ensure that the area is blocked off from outsiders.
  • Separation fence – This is indoor fencing that separates the different areas of the warehouse. If employees are to be in one specific area and not another, this type of fencing can ensure everyone stays where they are supposed to be.
  • Safety fencing – Trash compactor areas and high voltage areas can be locked away with fencing surrounding them. This ensures that everyone inside the warehouse stays safe when around these areas.
  • Security fencing – Just as a perimeter fence adds security to the property, you can add more security inside with fencing. If you have merchandise storage areas or supply areas that need to be locked away so that they are only accessible to specific departments or individuals, you can fence those areas in. This minimizes dangers and even theft.

These are some of the basic applications of warehouse fencing. Of course, you can specify your unique need and we can create a fencing solution for you.

Professional Fence Installation

When you call our Twin Cities commercial fence installers to install your warehouse fencing, we will do a complete walkthrough to determine which type of fencing needs to go where and at what quantity and height. The placement of hardware is also determined. Once the plan is in place and you are ready for the fencing to be installed, we come and perform the fencing installation in a timely manner. Once complete, we do another walkthrough with you to ensure you are 100% satisfied.

Contact A Minneapolis & St. Paul Commercial Fence Installer

Warehouse fencing comes in many forms. They can be used to partition off areas within and outside of a warehouse for either safety reasons or to simply separate one area of the warehouse from the other. If your warehouse is in need of definitive barriers, warehouse fencing can be exactly what you are looking for. To learn more about the warehouse fencing options we can offer you, call us at 763-286-1213 for a free estimate.